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Uprising is a modern-day riot simulator, where you can choose to join the Police or the Protesters in a multiplayer melee/shooter hybrid.

Set in a not-at-all dystopian modern world in which you choose to join either a group of 'peaceful' protesters as they march the city streets or the 'friendly' Police force exerting their authority.

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Join The Shield Wall

6 Directional Combat

We've created a combat system which simplifies the status quo, allowing complex fights that reward smart gameplay without leaving new players completely defenceless.

Fight alongside AI who work together and form strategies that evolve as the match goes on. Adapting defensive tactics if their team is struggling or aggressively pushing if they're winning.

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Iconic Weapons

Tear gas, Nightsticks, Molotovs and more, everything you'd expect at any self-respecting riot.

Immersive Gameplay

Our dedicated team is presently working on 'Uprising' which is the result of an ambition to bring a decades' worth of story writing and imagination to life. We invite you to come join us as we start our epic journey to create and mold our own virtual universe.

Fight for who you are: Deep customization for your protester/officer is available along with a protest sign connected to Steam Workshop.

Huge demonstrations: Exercise your right to remain silent with 64 others in online multiplayer.

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G A M E P L A Y 

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