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Developed by gamers for gamers. 1st Impact is your game development company with player feedback at the heart of everything we do.


1st Impact Games is an independently funded player-focused game development company based in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, UK.


Concentrating on first-person, multi-player immersive realities and built around a feedback loop, we work with you, the player, to create the most entertaining and absorbing games possible. Our commitment is to continue to develop games that you tell us you enjoy and only those. We encourage feedback and want to make games where players know their thoughts and opinions are considered the highest priority above everything else.


Created in 2016. Our dedicated team of international developers share one overriding principle which is simply before you can make a great game, you must have a great passion for the game you intend to develop. Only then can the days, weeks, months and years it takes to create the truly immersive gameplay feel worthwhile. 


We believe it’s not simply about having great ability but it’s more important to feel motivated for what you do. We consider "Motivation X Ability" to be what truly creates the final product and therefore, ability in its own right is not enough.


What separates us from the rest, is the way we are funded and our ability as a team to choose what we develop and our collective appreciation of player feedback.


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Do you want to make an impact?


Take a look at the list of our positions and learn more about working with us. 





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